Knowing Alexandria

Such secrets

such mystery

such knowledge of

promising delights

unwritten and unbound


in your eyes




The bow and curve of

your teasing, smiling lips

holds the binding lock

of a


daring a kiss

to pass the sensuous

bow and curve


your hips,

where the

key of release


by the curved bow

in your hand


I am not



knowing you




I would explore

the shelved labyrinths

of love

with you


I would trace your illuminated tears

with my fingertips

and peruse the story in your laughter

with my hands in

your raven hair,

turning the page of you

to my heart’s content


In our storied, torrid passion

I would hunt at your side

and be your prey

in a bed of myrrh




in fiery ruin


I would know you,




and never be

the wiser





You Can Try

You can try

to taste

those luscious




You can try

to stay in

the eye of the storm

in those patient

piercing eyes


You can try

to get her

to drop

the warlike


and the

Deadly Weapon


You can try

to meld those


to the contours

of your hands


You can try

to part her

thighs and get

her to



and if you do,

you will

die a




and wanting more…


you will smile, and

reach for her


And have to

do it all


Flowers in Her Hair

She always loved to wear them

around her raven curls.

I said “That’s too flamboyant;

you’re not like other girls.”

She smiled and said “I like them,

and know you like them too.”

I said “I do. And flowers

look beautiful on you.”

And on the ship she traveled,

that sank into the sea,

the flowers that adorned her

came floating back to me.

She always loved to wear them

around her raven curls.

And now I’ve no desire

for any other girls,

for love had crossed an ocean,

perilous, dark and deep.

And now I see her flowers

bloom only in my sleep.

I see them multicolored

around her raven curls.

She calls on me to save her

as the deep water swirls.

And no, I cannot save her.

But even so I try

before the deep blue claims her.

Before she sinks to die.

She takes the wreath of flowers,

entangled in a curl.

She hands them to me, smiling,

As ocean winds a-twirl.

She always loved to wear them.

I still remember when.

And when I live no longer,

I’ll crown her once again.

She always loved to wear them.

I’ll keep them here until

we walk the sky together.

And she will wear them still.







Our Love Like Diamonds in Black Sand

I scattered myself

spread myself out

purged myself of

fickle, transient colors

and became a

solid monochrome,

containing all that you would need

to shine

And you, lain so sweetly, gently

over the top of me,

like diamonds on black sand,

took the sun from my heart,

and turned it into

angelic starlight,

reflecting the night sky,

and our enduring,

timeless love

to the

infinite universe

Light Upon Me Here

Light upon me here,

and give me kisses

and wishes,

and the essence

of dreams of longing

long unfulfilled


Give me the plunder of legends

you’ve carved in runes on ancient trunks,

and whispered

’round eventide’s eldritch fires


Show me the paths through trees

older than the tongues of men,

and the dusky hiding places of the



And in the niche

of night’s knowledge,

In the enchantment of the

encampment you inhabit,

Let me be no Stranger,

nor Harbinger,

but Lover,

and light upon me




Dance You Now Before Me, Spirit?

Dance you now before me, spirit?

Trickery do you now devise,

that you would take my lover’s form

and bring new grief to heart and eyes?


Dance you now before me, spirit?

Lovely was she, when the dance

would her effervescent nature

make her leap and spin and prance.


Dance you now before me, spirit,

knowing she has gone away,

taking life and laughter with her,

holding me no more in sway?


Dance you now before me, spirit?

Leave me now and put to flight

Frilly lace and fragile gossamer,

And my heart she held so tight.


Dance no longer with me, spirit.

Music, broken, plays no more.

Dance into benighted moonlight,

Leave me here, on love’s dark shore.


Dance into benighted moonlight.

Leave me here, on love’s dark shore.


Waves at Twilight

They sing a timeless song, these waves

of harpooned whale and gleaning gull

They batter a bitter beat, these waves

against the rocks that say, “no farther.”

They gleam with diamonds of sunlight, these waves

that shimmer and glide under the azure sky

They guard the souls of drowned slaves and sailors, these waves

and wash the flesh away from buried bones

And in the gathering gloam of

crepuscular dusk

You  and I watch them, these waves

gently crash and foam and sizzle

at our feet

inviting us to



across their seamless surface

And reaching for my hand, you lead

And taking your hand, I follow

And we are received by them, these waves

holy water

incessantly blessing

pure love.