Moon Song

Nothing between

me and heaven.


I waited,

watched the moon rise,

saw the earth spin

to look away,


But I did not.


The wind rose

to pay homage

to its lunar jewel,


And clouds

slipped across

its sun-kissed span,


a wolf’s eye

rimmed with kohl,


A lover’s eye

in a keyhole,


a peering beast

rising from



In the night-blue verdant

branches of forest pines

and late summer leaves

the wind sang.


My heart found the harmony,

and for a fleeting moment

I was a floating note,




Moon Song


Where Will You Take Me?

Where will you take me?

“Where would you go?”

Up to the sky to play

in the moon’s glow.

Out past the night clouds

to juggle the stars.

There’d be no limits,

no chains, and no bars.

“Where will you take me?”

Where would you go?

“Down to the ocean floor

so far below,

stirring the sandy mud,

skimming the stones.

Passing by treasure,

and shipwrecks, and bones.”

“Come, let us go now.

First here, and then there.

Deep on a sea voyage

high in the air.”



These Sacred Scars

These sacred scars I bear are

not self-inflicted, but life induced.

I stand indicted

of others’ crimes

and cannot answer

for what’s not mine.

What I do

is cry in the dark

and bear witness

to the empty room,

the barren sky,

the callous cosmos,

that I bleed as

an innocent man.

The Eyes of Heaven

The Eyes of Heaven watch me walk

across the virgin snow,

impassively marking

my passing


I see the winter wolves in

my periphery, gathering

in curious, carnivorous lust

for blood and meat to slake

their killing urge


The blade of my knife is


against my thigh


The weight of my sword

gives me


in the

high, white drifts


And the

Eyes of Heaven

glimmer with memories

of other travelers

who’ve traversed these

rugged rocks


Some to their hearths,

Some to their gods,

And it is all one

to the

Eyes of Heaven


And I stop,

feeling the chill night wind

in the thick fur

of my hood,

in the scruff of my

wild whiskers,

and look back into the Eyes of Heaven

And long to be




they are 

as blind to me

as they are



And the Eyes of Heaven


to dream



ages past,



virgin snow.





Our Love Like Diamonds in Black Sand

I scattered myself

spread myself out

purged myself of

fickle, transient colors

and became a

solid monochrome,

containing all that you would need

to shine

And you, lain so sweetly, gently

over the top of me,

like diamonds on black sand,

took the sun from my heart,

and turned it into

angelic starlight,

reflecting the night sky,

and our enduring,

timeless love

to the

infinite universe