What Will You Show Me?

What will you show me?

“What do you see?”

Two constellations,

One you, and one me.

“What are we doing there?”

Dancing in space,

chasing the moon

in a wild, giddy race.

“What will you show me?”

What do you see?

“Us in a floating cloud,

restless and free.”

Where are we going?

“Who cares and who knows?

“We’re riding a cloud so

it’s where the wind blows!”

But all things considered

of all we can be,

I’m glad that you’re here with me

under this tree.

The Last Sunset

Do they know?

Should I tell them?

Are they worthy of the knowledge?

Am I?

I climb this tower to see what others can’t,

to feel what others won’t.

A whisper in my mind that

warmed my heart and chilled my soul

said, “This is the last one.”

I wanted to jump down, to cry out,

to warn, to incite panic that we might

save ourselves.

But the colors drew me in,

the breeze touched my face like a loving mother,

and I felt Time begin to die.

He took me from the tower as he passed,

and there would be no tomorrow, and no memory

of the last earthly glory my weary eyes witnessed

in this life.

And all the tears of the all the other watchers mingled with my own,

and together,

we put out the sun.

Be True

She is leaving now, but perhaps not forever.

Her desire was for better,

but nothing improved.

Life itself eluded her, and the wrong things

occupied her time and body.

There was no longer

anything or anyone

to keep her bound,

and in the incorporeal realm

of her wishes,

not a one came true.

She was not true to herself,

and she would make that right.

It would be today.

It would be right now.

But maybe, just maybe,

not forever.

The Child and The Drum

From behind the curtain

her voice

holds tremolo and vibrato,

high and clear,

sweet and lilting,

with a hint of poignant sadness.

The drum pushes, pulses

her ululations from underneath,

building the bridge

that connects

the world to the origin

of its song,


forgotten, debated,

documented, erased,

burned, rescued,

savaged and salvaged,

but ever


The child and the drum.

Two become one,

and the heartbeat

keeps the time of memory,

even now.

A Burst of Blue

Behind my eyes,

a dream of blue waters,

blue souls,

blue bubbles,

blue hearts,

and blue love




the essence of floating spirits

and the color of transcendent skies.


It holds a

midnight sorrow

and an afternoon romp

in its hands.


It belongs to all,

but is special to us.


Unleashed, it holds me


Kissed of the Sun


kissed of the sun,

birthed of the earth’s red clay,

stands a goddess in the green lush alcove

of branches that arch to protect her.

A sorceress that magic

willingly surrenders

its secrets to,

she only has to turn to me

to enchant me

with silent spells

of regal beauty.

She binds my mortal

heart to hand,

and bids me

love to worship her.

Surrender is all the sweeter then,

and for a time, I too, am kissed of the sun,

yet banished at moonrise

to dream once more

that a goddess

once loved



*art by Charlie Bowater on pinterest.com