Our Story So Far…

I, Alfred W. Smith, Jr.

am a former NYC native, born and raised. The Bronx, where I grew up, is the only borough of New York attached to the mainland. That’s apropos of nothing, but now you know.

relocated to Emmaus, PA in the Lehigh Valley in ’92, to raise my family.

relocated to Woodbridge, NJ, in 2014 because my job with an international courier service transferred me here.

am a gospel / jazz bassist, chess player (enthusiast would be a stretch these days), amateur photographer (still overwhelmed by all the new tech, but it’s great!)

have my father to thank for the interest in all things literary and musical. His library shelf was extensive, diverse, and dynamic, and provided my summer reading for many years: I read everything  from Langston Hughes to GK Chesterton to Kahlil Gibran to Dosteovsky to O. Henry to Shakespeare….

hold most of his record collection now. Don’t know if I’ll get through it all, but it won’t be for lack of trying…

have my mother to thank for my tenacity, my sister, my preference for finer things, and the fact that even though I still dirty my room, I eventually do clean it. I have vowed one day to go to Paris, to see it for both of us. She wanted to go, but cancer took her before she got the chance.

am an avid reader of fantasy; my favorite authors are Terry Goodkind, Patricia McKillip, Karen Miller, George (the Killer) Martin,  and Brent Weeks. My favorite mystery writer was Robert B. Parker of the Spenser / Jesse Stone series (I once attempted to read the Faerie Queene, and did enjoy it; I have to finish it. It’s long as heck).

am currently in hot pursuit of a full time writing career, because I fulfilled my obligations, ran out of excuses, and now I’m running out of time.

am a divorced father of three grown children,  2 boys, one girl. She’s my oldest. Proud of them all!

LOVE real jazz, and classical music on rainy days. I don’t know specifically why, but the rain suits it better.

am not a published author as yet, but that will be changing in 2016 (it used to say 2015, but it didn’t happen. Sob)

am glad you are taking the time to read my blog. I hope it entertains, informs, intrigues, and inspires.

There will be cobwebs mixed with the gold coins, or gold coins among the cobwebs, depending on your point of view.

“and now,…let the wild rumpus start.”

Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Our Story So Far…”

  1. Dear Alfred,
    found you on “write here”, reading on your blog touches my soul, its like a gentle stroking and my wounds heel better.
    Thank you so much for writing, blogging, beeing
    Greetings from Luzern, Swiss


    1. Thank you, Doro. I’m truly grateful and honored to have you as a reader. If my words have in some way helped make your day better, however briefly, the reason I write is already fulfilled. Bless you, and thank you so much for reaching out. It means more to me than you can know.



    1. Wow. Thank you, Darren! I’ve been pretty neglectful of this blog, getting more immediate gratification from ‘writehere,’ but this is where the real writing is done. My poetry seems to do better than my stories here, and the stories seem to do better on writehere, but I need to build everything up. On vacation for a few days, so trying to catch up to reading the blogs I follow and leave comments. It’s about relationships too. I value your friendship, and your writing. Thank you for the encouragement and support.

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    1. My main genre is fantasy. I have one novel completed called Grave Cold: The Lost Kingdoms. I’m going to start querying it next week. The other is a sci-fi military piece called Making Warr (the hero’s name is Warren) I have 2 excerpts from it posted on BP.


  2. Love your ‘about’ page and plan to read more of your work soon. I had to comment and let you know that I am currently staying with mom after a hip replacement. One of our goals during this convalescence is to go through her massive book collection and thin it out somewhat. We’ve kept the classics, of course, and I have strict instructions to keep all the Robert Parker books. I’ve filled an entire small bookcase and am now stacking the Parker books beside it until I can find a bigger case.
    Congrats on your own upcoming book release, I’ll be watching for your announcement and will look for it on amazon. Nice to find your blog while visiting Two are Better Than One.


    1. Thanks so much! Laughing at ‘strict instructions.’ I didn’t get too much into the westerns, but Spenser, Stone, and Sunny Randall (chick Spenser 🙂 are still my favorites, though Spenser was first, and will always have a special place. I did try to read The Faerie Queen. Didn’t finish it though it was good. No bites on the novel yet, but I do hope you enjoy the blog in the meantime.


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