The Last Sunset

Do they know?

Should I tell them?

Are they worthy of the knowledge?

Am I?

I climb this tower to see what others can’t,

to feel what others won’t.

A whisper in my mind that

warmed my heart and chilled my soul

said, “This is the last one.”

I wanted to jump down, to cry out,

to warn, to incite panic that we might

save ourselves.

But the colors drew me in,

the breeze touched my face like a loving mother,

and I felt Time begin to die.

He took me from the tower as he passed,

and there would be no tomorrow, and no memory

of the last earthly glory my weary eyes witnessed

in this life.

And all the tears of the all the other watchers mingled with my own,

and together,

we put out the sun.

Author: smithaw50

I live in NJ. Concentrating now on a getting a full time writing career started. Glad you could be with me on the journey. Ready? Here we go...

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