Prey Tell

What is it that keeps

your heart in chains

of darkness, graves,

voids, abysses,

and things

that cut and kill and burn?


Do not your

sleep-filled eyes

behold the sun?

the clouds?

the stars?


What calls your mind

to embrace

the gibbering shadows

that dance in

ever-tightening circles,

venturing up

to block your view of heaven,

laying waste to your

body and mind?


Yet in you

is the seed of song,

of love,



Work the fire.

Forge the axe

that sunders darkness

with light

and sets you free.



tell us you

are game.



Midnight Confessions

I pour the blood

from my heart


This ink

This lead

These pixels


Resurrected in

the empty church

of my life


Briefly seen,

my life imagined

as I once saw it



the feelings

of my flesh,

the senses of

my being


I kneel

in the empty, fragrant



The small wooden window

that leads to where I toss my sins

like wedding rice

never opens


I say them

all the same


They pile

like decaying petals

at my feet




radiant with putrescence


They smell of illicit love

drunken torture

anger and loneliness

rage and despair


I press them to my heart

to stop the bleeding

absolving myself

resolving never to do

these things again



And so the risen sun

forgives me


But I have chosen death.

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