I will.

I will survive no longer

I will live

I will surrender no longer

I will fight

I will suffer no longer

I will be content

I will stand still no longer

I will flow

I will hold on no longer

I will release

I will cry no longer

I will smile

I will hate no longer

I will love

I will be confined no longer

I will wander

For in the end,

if you can understand,

I will.

Francesca’s Love

I finally showed myself to him.

My heart I did reveal.

He turned and ran.

I caught him.

He became my evening meal.

His blood was rich,

his scream sublime.

And as I held his head

I bit his throat apart

and sucked.

He bled and bled and bled.

His skin grew cold.

His heart grew weak

as in my rage I slew.

“Did you not realize,” I asked,

“that I’m in love with you?”

And in the end he shuddered hard

within my arms and died.

“I loved you too.”

His final words.

I cried and cried and cried.


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