Claiming Miranda

Miranda emerges from the ocean,

curves like seashells,

warm and vibrant.

Eyes full of sun-diamonds

like the ones that cap the waves

that cling to her, wanting her for their own.

No, goddess, that way lies madness…

She twists the seawater from

her hair, and shakes it

as she runs it through her fingers,

and makes me want to be a strand.

She walks the warm sand,

a native nomad,

her smile as she lifts

her face to the sun puts it to shame.

And I feel like the first explorer

to claim these shores

who found its only treasure,

watching as she trails my dreams like

small plane banners

behind her

as she leaves.


Bells of Winter

At midnight ring the winter bells,

and snow will soon arrive.

The winter bells grow cold

for they are dead and not alive.

They herald in the harsh north wind

that drives the icy rain.

They ring discordant harmonies

that leave the ears in pain.

We’ve no escape from winter bells

through land or on the seas.

We’ll die just when the tolling fades

because the bells too,



From here I can look

all around

and survey my empire.

There, the distant hills gilded

in silver mist and emerald leaves

humble my own royal robes.

And here, the servants at my feet…

Young. Nubile. Fertile.

Mine to pluck like ripe fruit,

or slaughter as tender lambs.

My bride’s perfume is pleasant.

The eyes of my court are hard.

The halls of my palace

hold whispers of secrets and dreams.

My gardens host ghosts in the moonlight.

They tell me to be at peace,

take comfort,


My borders do not

boil with rebellion,

and there is

no alarm of armies

at my gates.

I stand at the pinnacle of

all my achievements,

and realize that as I watch

the setting sun,

there is a smile

in the darkness of my grave


patiently waits…

Light Breaker

I heard the light crash like thunder into the darkness.

Saw the obsidian surrounding my cage


Heard the screams and wails and curses

turn to laughter, songs, and shouts of joy.

For too long

I walked under the canopy,

shielded from everything.

Yielding nothing.


And the light broke

through the darkness.


I saw the sky blue swatch of sky

flecked and speckled with drifting clouds,

felt the breeze of an early summer evening

cool on my skin.

The slope of the climb

to the world above was gentle, easy

and pleasant.

My heart rejoiced.

My will rebelled.

I wanted this light,

this blue, this breeze.

This joy.

But I burrowed

further down and broke

the light,

and sent it on its way.


Song of the Damned

And in this

lonely, dusty ruin

I count the coins


the price

of my perdition.


I have strangled

my conscience,

and opened

my accounts.


An easy life

in uneasy trade

for a diseased soul

that screams

and cries

in the silence.


I watch it

fall away.

I will be

troubled no more

as it sleeps.


And see

the teardrops

spray from my lips

as I whistle

and smile,



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