The Eyes of Home

His smile speaks of contentment


I pray his times of discontent are brief,

though they are certain.


His hand on the windowsill

lingers between

exploring and safety


I pray that he ever be connected to home,

and adventurous in his exploration


His expression

is full of innocence

and peace


I pray that a fragment of

each remain resistant to a

frenzied, hostile world


His eyes,

so bright and clear

guide me back

to my ancestral


the way Polaris

guided the Railroad



And gave them


far,far away




I pray we find each other

and be complete


How Regal Our Princes

How regal our princes

How handsome, how bold

How bright eyed and dignified

Even when sold


How regal our princes

How strong in their ways

Though chased, caught and netted

And emptied of days


How regal our princes

How proudly they stand

In shivering sickness

Inside a sick land


How regal our princes

Imprisoned in chains

And beaten and broken

For freedom took pains


How regal our princes

Their blood flowing down

Their hands pricked with nettles

Their skin glistening brown


How regal our princes

Their voices that sang

Of freedom and justice

As white church bells rang


How regal our princes

Their sacrifice great

With hope their descendants

Would not bear this weight


How regal our princes

We thank you, we do

There would be no us

If it wasn’t for you


How regal our princes

Now faded with time

Remembered and honored

In this humble rhyme

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