You open my veins,

Your heart sheathes my knife.

The blood now unites us

as husband and wife


Love songs we’ll sing

in the depths of the dark,

sailing to hell

on the ferryman’s ark


Honeymoon fires

rage out of control.

Sweet is the wedding cake taste

of your soul


Long blades for butchery,

silver and gold,

Rip through the sacrifice

Warm life grows cold


Hear how they cheer us

with screaming and cries.

Heartbeats are stopping as

everyone dies.


Come, let us love now,

my devilish bride.

Let’s take each other

on one hellish ride.


And when the morning’s

illusion of light

lulls them to thinking

it still isn’t night


That’s when we strike

to take back what was lost.

Extinction the price

of mortality’s cost.


Come take my hand

and together descend.

In for eternity,

love has no end.

Author: smithaw50

I live in NJ. Concentrating now on a getting a full time writing career started. Glad you could be with me on the journey. Ready? Here we go...

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